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    Chip Howard Chip Howard
    Host of Sports Talk

    Since 1994, Chip Howard has owned the sports talk market in the Brazos Valley. Then, Louie Belina started a show and it was obvious that listeners were hungry for an alternative. But since it is the same station, and 1150 The Zone needed to fill the time, they kept Chip on the air.

    Where else could someone his age go?

    Chip has been broadcasting sports most of his adult life and has forgotten more sports than most people have even known. Actually, he's forgotten just about everything. That is why you will hear about UFO's, fishing, competitive eating and entertainment news with Mallory.

    But occasionally Chip remembers why he was hired and what he is supposed to be doing...and magic happens. Unfortunately, you have to wade through a lot of garbage to get to the good stuff.

    Chip has won every major sports reporting award you can win in Texas. Except a peabody...or the Edward R. Murrow Award...or a Marconi...or an EMMY...or an ESPY.

    But you get the idea. Tune into Chip Howard's Sports Talk afternoons from 4-6 p.m. on The Zone. Who knows? You may catch him on a good day!

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