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    11/21/2018 - 11-21-18 Farewell 29
    A man my age is not supposed to have sports heroes anymore.
    I have lived long enough and been burned enough over the years to know better. I'm also not supposed to cheer openly for any particular player or team. It comes with my line of work. But I have a confession to make. I have broken both of those rules the last 8 seasons watching Adrian Beltre play. Notice I said play and not work. That was the beauty of Beltre. While no one would ever question the work ethic or the fire that burned inside, we were allowed to see the boy in Beltre. He played with an unbridled passion and he played his position as well or better than anyone ever has. You couldn't help but smile when he went to his knee while slashing at a pitch or stared down any team member who dared to touch his head. The past two seasons #29 was really the only reason to watch the Rangers. I'm not sure how I will spend summer nights now. I'll probably watch anyway. But it won't be nearly as fun.

    3/19/2018 - 3-19-18 Kennedy Quiets The Haters
    As I wrote last month, there are still a few Aggie "fans" disappointed at this run to the Sweet 16. These are the "fans" who wanted Billy Kennedy fired. Now, they are silent. Kennedy quieted the haters with an all time performance yesterday in Charlotte in a 21 point beat down of Roy Williams and the Tar Heels. He becomes the winningest tournament coach in A&M hoops history. Granted, it's not much of a history but two sweet 16 appearances in 3 years qualifies him for the title. Kennedy's steady hand and quiet leadership has earned him praise from his own players, the national media and opposing coaches. I'm sure that's not enough for the dump Billy contingent. But for now the haters have to hate in silence.

    2/12/2018 - 2-12-18 Aggie Hoop "Fans" Have Bad Week
    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times for unhappy A&M followers. The late, great Shelby Metcalf said it, "The only happy Aggie is an unhappy Aggie." So when the basketball team began SEC play 0-5 after being ranked as high as 5th in the nation, all the subway and social media crowd delighted in calling for Billy Kennedy's head on a platter. This is the group that delights in calling for all A&M coaches to be fired if they don't win enough.
    I've never been quite sure what "enough" means. It just means when the "fans" aren't happy. So after clawing back to .500 by beating 8th ranked Auburn and #24 Kentucky, there are a lot of unhappy "fans." Imagine their disdain hearing John Calipari rave about Kennedy's character and coaching ability after a beatdown by the Ags Saturday night. It's enough to make a real "fan" puke.

    4/11/2017 - 4-11-17 Spike
    Haven't written anything in a while. Life gets busy...things happen and frankly, after almost 40 years of covering sports, it takes a lot to get my attention. But I felt compelled to add my voice to the many who are telling stories about the man everyone knew as Spike.
    Coach Dykes was unlike any major college coach I've ever been around. He didn't get into coaching for the money. For most of his career there wasn't any. And even at his peek with the Red Raiders he certainly wasn't in the millionaires club. But Spike was wealthy. He understood life was about relationships, not wins at all cost. R.C. Slocum said he can't remember anyone without enemies, except Spike. Spike loved everyone and everyone loved him back. Slocum says he doesn't think Spike made an effort to be funny. He just was. He treated everyone the same, whether it was the head of a corporation or a lowly, young reporter. There aren't any coaches in major college football like Spike. Come to think of it, there never were.

    1/10/2017 - 1-10-17 Upon Further Review
    Last night's National Championship game was one for the ages-the best title game since the Vince Young-USC game in 2006. And Deshaun Watson was the bomb. But first let's stop this story for a replay review brought to you by the idiots who are ruining a great sport.
    The game lasted just over four hours and ended just shy of 12:30 AM EDT. Overtime, a distinct possibility until the touchdown pass with one second left would have added another 30 minutes. Replays have totally gotten out of hand and replay officials are taking FOREVER to render a decision that to most of us seems obvious within 30 seconds. I can't imagine coaches are happy having to stop every two plays to review whether a ball carrier's knee was down at the 2 or the one and a half yard line, or whether the receiver who was wide open over the middle juggled the ball and didn't "possess it all the way to the ground." Replay seemed like such a good idea at the time. I don't like the NFL, but college football needs to adapt it's replay rules and system and the league's ability to fit almost every game it plays into a three hour window. Millions of people missed the end of a terrific game last night because, well they had to go to work this morning. There's nothing quite like college football, but without a few minor changes the sport is in danger of losing its magic.

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