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Monday, 4/24
  • Steve Denton;Mike Detillier:Mike Ozanian-Forbes;Rusty Burson
Tuesday, 4/25
  • Jo Evans;Rob Sheffield-Beatles;High School Report:Krista
Wednesday, 4/26
  • Kirk Bohls:Scott Clendenin; Krista
Thursday, 4/27
  • Chelsea Reber;Rob Childress;High School Report
Friday, 4/28
  • Jason Cornelius
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Chip Howard's SportsTalk

Welcome to the brand new You know you've made it when you can afford to pay someone to create something with your name on it. But even though I've been in radio 30 years, I still know absolutely nothing about anything technical-cell phones, computers,
microwave ovens, garage door openers....The web site is kind of like the show....lots of flash, not much content. But we'll try to stick something new on here every so often to keep you coming back...and remember, patronize our sponsors.
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