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Monday, 6/24
  • Rusty Burson,Scott Clendenin from Omaha;Author Mark Greaney
Tuesday, 6/25
  • Guy Lawson-Hot Dog Money;Ag post game;High School Report;Mallory
Wednesday, 6/26
  • Chris Monter-NBA Draft;Mallory
Thursday, 6/27
  • Bombers:Clark/Isenhour Outdoor Show
Friday, 6/28
  • Rich Shea-Major League Eating;Guy Lawson-Hot Dog Money
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Chip Howard's SportsTalk

Since 1994, Chip Howard has kept his audience of six listeners entertained with a combination of
warmth, wit and sometimes furious anger.

While Bryan Broadcasting is garnering both state and national awards, Chip does the heavy lifting
from 4-6 each afternoon-three days a week, three weeks a month and 9 months a year. Tune in and see if you can catch him on a good day.

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Pat Williams - "Happy Down the Homestretch"

Terry Hayes - "Year of the Locust"
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